Holiday Greetings and Thank You

The response to our fundraising this month has been phenomenal. From the Ball Breaker Event to individual donations, you, Prince Albert, have been most generous. Our gratitude goes out to those businesses, churches, individuals, and schools (the list is longer than I can put in a post) who have donated to our shelves and our coffers. It means we can continue our work into the next year.

On a sour note, there is a rumour going around that any money raised goes directly to wages and building maintenance. All financial donations from our fundraisers go directly to the purchase of foodstuffs. Wages are paid by various grants and corporate donations that specifically include wages. Check out the Oasis Garden Report in the previous post. It will show you how wages are included in the grants for each of the programs we run. The majority of our staff are volunteers who come out and make hampers, stock shelves, and portion food.

To those who have donated time, food or finances, we wish you all the best for the holiday season, whatever you may celebrate, and may you find happiness, prosperity, and good health in 2018.

The Management and Staff of the Prince Albert Food Bank.

December 22, 2017

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